How do I get the most out of my subscription?

You will be able to dig in with your Coach on tailoring your work together to your goals beginning in your first 1:1 session or online chats. We encourage you to interact with your Coach to more completely address your questions and ideas about how to make use of the service.

At the core, Career Coaching connects long-term goals to daily activities. By design, our Coaches do not position themselves as experts in a specific field; our Coaches are experts in supporting you in the identification and pursuit of your career goals. We do not place individuals in jobs or establish contacts on their behalf, but we do support your growing your own network to achieve those ends.

As some examples, your Coach will develop a personal connection with you to:

  • Develop personalized career coaching plans
  • Focus on areas of strength and areas that need additional attention
  • Help clearly understand available career paths and choose the most appropriate fit for your interests and life goals
  • Form a concrete plan to maximize your chances for employment and advancement in your chosen field
  • Foster the habits and attitudes required for long-term success
  • Improve accountability

No matter your reasons for inquiring about Career Coaching, you likely already have some of the above items in place; that head start will help your Coach tailor your work together to where you are now, rather than retrod ground you have already covered.


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